Retinal Detachment


Retinal detachment occurs when the retina, the thin layer of nerve tissue that lines the back of the eye, becomes separated from its underlying support. Retinal detachment is a serious condition that can lead to long-term vision impairment. If you think that you might have retinal detachment, you should see an eye doctor immediately. There are treatment options to repair damage associated with Retinal Detachment, as well as prevent further damage. Retinal Detachment can be progressive and change quickly, so it is best to be seen as soon as possible if you are having vision problems. Please book an assessment at Louie Eyecare Centre right away. We have access to get in touch directly with emergency retinal centers and can bypass a wait in the emergency rooms. Ocular health exams for these types of conditions are covered by Alberta Health Care for all ages, so there is no charge to the patient for these types of exams. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for the best possible outcome.



  • Sudden onset of floaters (tiny specks or strings in your vision)
  • Flashes of light
  • A sense that the curtain or veil is being pulled over part of your vision
  • Blurred vision in part of your field of view


If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to see an eye care professional right away. Retinal detachment can happen suddenly, but it also can progress slowly over time. Sometimes these detachments happen without any symptoms, so it is recommended to have regular eye exams even if you are not noticing any vision or ocular health changes. Yearly eye exams are recommended for those under 19 and over 65, at least every 2 years for those 19-64. There are also certain health conditions that may necessitate more frequent ocular health checks, such as diabetes and hypertension.



Retinal detachment is most commonly caused by a break in the retina, called a retinal tear. These tears can occur as a result of trauma to the eye but more commonly occur idiopathically (with no specific cause). Having high myopia (a prescription of -6.00 or higher minus) is associated with higher risk than having a lower prescription or hyperopia (a prescription with + power).  In some cases, retinal detachment can be caused by other conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy or uveitis.


If you think that you might be experiencing retinal detachment, you should contact us at Louie Eyecare Centre. We can conduct an eye exam and provide you with treatment options for your condition at no cost, as these types of exams are covered by Alberta Health Care. Book an appointment today.

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Krista Z
Krista Z
I called over 20 optometrist offices looking for Dr Larson after he left his old place and I lost the name of the new one. We all had a laugh about it. He is worth every bit of that effort and is FAR, FAR superior to almost every single optometrist I've ever seen and I've had [extraordinarily complex] glasses since I was 6 months old. His passion, kindness and impressive knowledge are just the start of why I'm a loyal client. That's not to mention his front staff whom are all warm, helpful, super friendly and very skilled at fitting glasses. I can't say enough good things. You can't go wrong coming to this place.
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Mac Stil
My second time being there..staff was very cordial and helpful in selecting my glasses.The turn around was very quick as was the fitting .I recommend Louis Eye Care for all your eye care needs.
They're quick and helpful and very friendly! I've seen both Dr. Larson and Dr. Louie and they're both awesome.
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Melanie Romanchuk
Dr. Larson is very thorough and took time to explain the exam to my kids. Highly recommended!
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Carmen Schnirer
Dr. Louie is Fantastic!! Would not take my family anywhere else! Excellent care and service.
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Wendy Theberge
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Louie's top notch service and expertise. My eyes are - let's say - challenging and he always nails my prescription perfectly. His attention to detail and kindness are better than anything I have experienced in all my years visiting eyecare centres. Dr. Louie's staff are so kind and caring and friendly. AND if you are looking for an AMAZHING pair of frames - stop the car right now. As a phenomenal photographer - just put your "face" in his hands and he will select the best frames for you. Be forewarned though - you will have to fight off endless compliments on your glasses!! Thank YOU so much!! My whole family loves visiting you for their eyecare needs.
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Jewel Bear
My eye exam was the most pleasant and informative I have ever had. Dr. Larson is an excellent doctor who will share his knowledge if you just ask!

Frequently Asked Questions

You should see an optometrist when there are changes in vision, problems with eye movement or when headaches or eyestrain occur regularly. Children’s eye exams begin at six months old, adults should get an eye exam every two years, and seniors should get an eye exam every year.

A comprehensive eye exam from Louie Eyecare Centre in Edmonton costs $135. This includes a 3d retinal optomap of the back of the eye. We offer direct billing options with Alberta Blue Cross and Green Shield Canada (GSC). If you are with another insurance provider, you may be required to pay at the clinic and submit your claim to your insurance provider.

Eating a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is one of the best things you can do for your overall health, including your eyesight. Here are some specific foods that are particularly good for your eyes: carrots, dark leafy greens, brightly coloured vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

Healthy eyes can benefit from many of the same vitamins and minerals that are good for your overall health, including vitamins A, C and E, as well as zinc, lutein, and zeaxanthin. Louie Eyecare Centre can advise you on which supplements may be right for you.

Most people only need an eye exam once a year, but it depends on your age, health and how often you have problems with your vision. Children usually need more frequent exams because their eyes are still developing. Adults older than 65 may also need more frequent exams since changes in the eye and vision occur with age. If you have a family history of eye problems, or if you’re experiencing vision problems, you should visit your optometrist more often. At Louie Eyecare Centre we offer comprehensive eye exams that will help diagnose any potential problems early.

After age 65, you should have an eye exam every year. It’s important to have regular eye exams because your risk for developing age-related eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and cataracts, increases with age. Louie Eyecare Centre can help you keep your eyes healthy as you age.