Blepharitis is a common eye condition that means inflammation of the eyelids. It typically occurs when the oil glands on the eyelids become blocked or irritated. These specialized glands are called Meibomian Glands, and they are supposed to release an oil into the tear with every blink. Symptoms of blepharitis include red, itchy, swollen, and flaky eyelids. It can also cause burning or stinging sensations in the eyes because the inflammation induces the eyes to become dry. In some cases, the eyelids may stick together when you wake up. This is from your tears not having enough oil in them, so they evaporate faster than normal and leave behind a sticky precipitate.

A variety of factors, including bacterial infection (rare), allergies, or skin conditions like rosacea, can cause blepharitis. It can also happen on its own from blockage of the oil glands on their own. It can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition such as lupus or diabetes. It’s important to get your eyes checked regularly to monitor for any changes. At Louie Eyecare Centre, our team of optometrists can provide a thorough eye exam and discuss treatment options with you.



Blepharitis can go away on its own in some cases; however, it is important to take action and see an eye doctor to ensure that it does not continue or worsen. In mild cases, symptoms may resolve quickly, but they often come back if the cause is undetermined. Treatment typically includes warm compresses and eye drops to help reduce inflammation and irritation. In more severe cases, antibiotic ointment or oral antibiotics may be prescribed to alleviate symptoms. There are also newer treatments like Intensed Pulsed Light therapy and Radio Frequency therapy which are on the horizon. Ask us at Louie Eyecare Centre about advancements coming in the future.

In addition to medical treatments, it is important to practice good hygiene habits. These can include keeping your face and hands clean with a good wash of the eyelids twice a day, as well as avoiding touching or rubbing your eyes. If you are experiencing any symptoms of blepharitis, call Louie Eyecare Centre to make an appointment with one of our optometrists. We can provide a comprehensive eye exam and discuss treatments that may be appropriate for you. With professional care, blepharitis can be managed and kept under control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can request a specific eye doctor for your eye exam, subject to availability.

Yes, an eye exam can detect if you have a concussion by testing eye movement and visual tracking.

Yes, an eye exam can detect colour blindness.

Yes, an eye exam can detect the need for vision therapy to improve vision skills such as tracking, eye teaming, and focusing.

Yes, we accept most insurance plans for eye exams.

A comprehensive eye exam is a more in-depth assessment of your visual health that includes testing for eye diseases, while a vision screening is a quick assessment of your visual acuity.