Can children see an optometrist in Edmonton?

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Can children see an optometrist in Edmonton?

Yes, children can see an optometrist in Edmonton. Optometrists are trained to diagnose and treat vision problems and eye diseases in people of all ages, including children. They can perform eye exams, prescribe glasses or contact lenses, and detect and manage conditions such as amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and myopia (nearsightedness). It’s important to have regular eye exams for children because it helps us catch any potential vision problems early on. If we catch the problem early, we can do things to help prevent or reduce the severity of vision loss.

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Yes, you can request a specific eye doctor for your eye exam, subject to availability.

Yes, an eye exam can detect if you have a concussion by testing eye movement and visual tracking.

Yes, an eye exam can detect colour blindness.

Yes, an eye exam can detect the need for vision therapy to improve vision skills such as tracking, eye teaming, and focusing.

Yes, we accept most insurance plans for eye exams.

A comprehensive eye exam is a more in-depth assessment of your visual health that includes testing for eye diseases, while a vision screening is a quick assessment of your visual acuity.

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